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The climate emergency forces us to think in new ways

Climate change, biodiversity collapse and social injustice are all symptoms of a deeper underlying crisis. The economic system that we have designed is no longer serving our needs. Corporations, nation states, and citizen activism in their current forms are gridlocked in a system that struggles to adapt to the volatility of our time.

Time is running out

The scientific consensus is incredibly clear. At our current trajectory, we are on track to over 3.5°C warming—well over the 1.5°C targets of the Paris Agreements. This pushes our entire biosphere onto the brink of ecosystem collapse.

The opportunity of a just transition

The Paris target of a net zero economy by 2050 represents the largest economic opportunity in human history. Over $240T will transition from our current extractive economic state—into a regenerative state: powered by renewable energy and a new financial system that accurately values people and the planet as one living system.

Capital flows at the speed of trust

Climate change is a coordination problem that our current structures cannot solve. All the tools are here. The capital is ready to be deployed. New coordination tools unlock trillions of dollars in transition.

A global startup movement

Over the last few years, we’ve built the key ecosystem that has attracted the best founders, hosted dozens of events while also gathering over 30 value-aligned investors. In the process, we’ve reached a key insight on the model that will unlock this vision for regeneration at scale: We need bring all of these pieces together to create a global network rooted in local startup communities taking collective action.

A network society to regenerate the earth

As we look forward from today, we realize our roadmap for the future maps to a nation in the cloud that gathers in-person around a shared vision of regeneration. We are not here to draw new borders, but rather to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy.

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